It's you...
(hitting the target)
It's NOT you...
(missing the target)

We built AI that analyzes behavior, turning physical performance into reliable identity.

Not the identity of a device or the posession of a token, but the identity of a real person.

  • No PII.
  • No device to remember or lose.
  • No installation required.
  • No new process to learn.
Know who you are in touch with...
Are people who you think they are?...
From "somewhere" to "know-where"...
When you have to know... for sure

Intensity Analytics has broad patents on the advanced math needed to confirm the identity of a person, with an implementation that balances security with ease-of-use, and fully protects privacy.

Use Cases

How our technology is used


Whenever it is important to know who typed what – login credentials, lines of code, a password, a paragraph of text, Intensity Analytics delivers the answer instantly, discretely, and accurately.

More than 80% of all data breaches are the result of lost or stolen credentials, and that fact has remained stubbornly consistent for many years. Elaborate and complicated solutions that employ tokens, apps, and passkeys provide no protection when a device is compromised, because those only confirm the possession of a device, not the presence of a particular person. With more than 300 billion passwords in use, the problem remains. Intensity Analytics protects the login, requiring nothing more from the user than what they are already doing... entering their username and password. Our technology detects if it is the right person using those credentials, so stealing or guessing a password is rendered useless. Intensity Analytics continues to work beyond just the login, too. As a person is typing emails or editing documents, we can establish it was the work product of a particular person.

Use Cases for Authorship

In education and similar environments, Intensity Analytics ensures that the person assigned to a task is the one who performs the task.

Identity is crucial in education and certification to ensure the integrity and credibility of the learning process and granted qualifications. Intensity Analytics helps education institutions confirm the identity of students, preventing fraud and ensuring that individuals are rightfully enrolled in courses or programs. This verification also allows educators to track student progress accurately, provide appropriate support, and maintain academic standards. Valid identity is essential to prevent cheating or misrepresentation of qualifications, safeguarding the value and reputation of diplomas and certifications. It also helps employers and other institutions trust that certified individuals possess the necessary skills and knowledge. Reliable identity established by Intensity Analytics is critial to the reliability of academic and professional qualifications.

Use Cases for Controls

Intensity Analytics put parental controls back under the control of parents and guardians.

The problem of how to protect children from online dangers and inappropriate content is made more difficult by the state of parental control systems that are hard to use and maintain. Emerging legislation addresses those needs, and mandates a new approach. The essential question at the heart of the debate about how to implement parental controls, is how to reliably determine that a parent consents to a child’s access, while not making that process so arduous and complex that it is unusable. When the security measures become too difficult to use, people implement workarounds. In the case of parental controls, that usually means turning them off, setting a child’s birthday to a date that makes them appear to be an adult, or simply writing the passwords on a whiteboard in the kitchen for all to see. Intensity Analytics ensures that a parent... and only a parent... can allow access, simply and easily.

Use Cases for Provenance

With Intensity Analytics, true digital signatures confirm and verify the named creator is the genuine source.

Provenance is crucial in social media and electronic data because it helps establish the authenticity, reliability, and trustworthiness of the information shared online. With the rise of misinformation and fake news, understanding the provenance of digital content is essential for verifying its accuracy and preventing the spread of false information. With Intensity Analytics, it can help track the origins of data, ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCRA, and others, and providing accountability in cases of data breaches or misuse. In research and academic settings, the provenance established by our technologies is vital for citing sources and ensuring the integrity of data, enabling others to verify and build upon the information presented. Intensity Analytics brings transparency, accountability, and trust in social media and electronic data.


Advances in modern medicine for brain issues like concussion treatment and dementia have a better chance of working if they're provided early. Intensity Analytics help by identifying "early" sooner.

Traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's affect movement in various ways, and our tools can be used to help measure changes over time. Unlike the bias introduced by traditional cognitive testing, our technology passively captures both baseline and sample data for diagnostic analysis without requiring the person to perform a specific set of tasks, and avoids the problem of the practice effect. Currently, most testing is subjective and based on human opinion, but Intensity Analytics delivers a precise tool that eliminates the guesswork and provides reliable, measureable results.

TickStream® for Windows

Security should be robust and reliable, but also simple and easy to use. TickStream is an Intensity Analytics brand of products that includes components like a Microsoft Windows Credential Provider which offers seamless integration with the normal Windows logon.

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Nine issued foundational patents, so far

Our intellectual property counsel, Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, has been working with us since 2012 to advise us on protecting our various technologies. In some cases, this has included filing for patents, while others we have protected through Trade Secrets.

Trade Secrets
Schwegman has recommended that some of our inventions are so novel, that Trade Secret protection is the best route. This is the same approach that Coca-Cola uses to protect the "secret formula". Since a patent application must, by definition, include enough detail that a technical expert can reproduce the result, the publication of the patent can also spawn similar approaches that are just different enough to avoid a claim. In other words, by explaining how you have done it in such detail, you can inspire others by explaining some of the key challenges. For these reasons, we have kept certain inventions in the vault.

Patent Filings
We have filed many additional patent applications, incorporating hundreds of claims, and will have more to file in the future. In many patent applications, we have combined claims to reduce paperwork and cost. These have been filed with a Non-Publication request, meaning that the detail will not be published until the patent is issued. All have been assigned to Intensity Analytics Corporation.
User Authentication Via Known Text Input Cadence
User Authentication
Authentication Via Typing Cadence, Gestures, and QR Codes
System and Method for Independent User Effort-Based Validation
System and Method for Effort-Based User Authentication
Authentication Via Typing Cadence, Gestures, and QR Codes
Method and System Providing Peer Effort-Based Validation
User Effort Detection
To be Assigned (Allowed on February 28, 2024)
User Effort Detection


Plugins for leading platforms and systems

Partner integrations

These components, available as native plugins for various platforms written to their specifications, means no integration resources are required to get started. For custom solutions, we have an extensive API that works in the cloud, on-premises, or even offline, making integration simple and easy.

Credential Provider
F5® Networks
iApp for APM® and LTM®
Authentication Tree Node
Insider Threat feature
Login Template
Layer7® Siteminder Template
Open source client
ADFS Component


Meet our team

John Rome

CEO, Chairman, and Chief Scientist

One of the founders of the computer-legal industry as well as the high-speed, high-volume document scanning, and physical behavior authentication industries. John is an experienced entrepreneur, software architect, research mathematician and technology inventor.

Tom Ketcham

President & CIO

Tom has been a serial entrepreneur for more than twenty years, helping manage and guide businesses from start-ups to thousands of employees. Tom has developed countless solutions which have included many sensitive information management and behavioral analytics platforms.

Bethann Rome

VP, Business Intelligence

An inventor who has developed numerous systems for quality control and workflow management, and designed some of the first systems for telework and work-from-home. Bethann is sophisticated researcher with extensive knowledge about the market and developing trends.


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