About Us

Intensity Analytics was founded with a clear objective: to authenticate a person's identity in the digital world with certainty, based on physical effort. We initially focused on how someone types. We looked at over 100 years of research on the use of typing to identify individuals. The first attempts involved telegraph operators in the 1890s. Over time, dozens of teams have taken on this challenge. Inevitably, they all bumped up against mathematical realities that made their solutions unreliable. We love math, and we ultimately solved this math problem by looking to the heavens. We took constructs from astronomy and applied them to the unique multi-dimensional virtual "effort space" that every one of us has to conquer a well-known mathematical challenge called The Curse of Dimensionality. It worked and we patented it!

We deliver frictionless, next-generation authentication and attribution technology that provides certainty in an uncertain digital world.

Blue Ridge mountains
The view from our office inspires us to create a new vision, and spurs innovation.

The Story

Founded in 2009, the seed that has grown to become Intensity Analytics was planted at our previous company, while trying to solve our own business problem: to know the physical identity of who accessed information in high-volume services environment handling sensitive and critical data. We saw our solution to the problem of attribution provides the perfect balance between security and privacy, answering one of the biggest challenges in the digital world.

Our Experience

We are experienced and successful entrepreneurs, with a history of innovation and building industries. Our founders include pioneers in using computers in the legal profession, where issues of security, privacy, and compliance have always been critical, as well as vast experience in delivering solutions for the Federal government, healthcare, energy, and consumer markets. We thrive on the excitement of building new things, and growing companies to the next phase.
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