TickStream AI

AI is today’s tech industry racehorse

Hot. Everywhere. Investor darling. Ground floor opportunity. Scary!

Want to ride?

Choose your horse!

The Derby Winner

Identity - confirmed!
Good Training Set

The Old Nag

Identity - who's the creator?
Training Set - poorly fed

AI exists in **TWO** main styles – one works, one has problems

Want to ride?

Choose what works!

The Derby Winner

TEXT Works!
(emails, press releases, etc.)
Identity can be confirmed with our technology –
and we can flag bot-created text

Identity - confirmed!
Easy Training Set

The Old Nag

Pictures and Video – not so much!
(major problems with theft of intellectual property – unsolved!) Identity of creator cannot be confirmed!
Identity - who's the creator?
Training Set - check out current Hollywood strike - "you stole me!"

Intensity Analytics solves many problems - today

  • Existing technology
  • Independently vetted
  • Plug-in or standalone
  • No training; no special hardware
  • Easily integrated
  • Solves the identity requirement – using BEHAVIOR as the Training Set
    • 8 Patents
    • GDPR (and other privacy regulations) compliant
(PS – bot-created pictures/videos – a real problem, not yet solved)
Stay on your horse with us – why risk problems when you don’t have to?

Intensity Analytics has broadly patented the advanced math needed to confirm the identity of an AI text creator – the ONLY approach that fully protects privacy. Take a look. You can SEE a behavior match without costing people the loss of their personal property (e.g., words from their book, e-mail or podcast, etc.). Importantly, this is how we recognize bot-created text by using the mathematics of the effort involved in its creation.
It's NOT you...
(missing the target)
It's you...
(hitting the target)

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