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Beating the Bots

If you think other people are bad, the good news is what they do isn’t scalable. Bots can replicate themselves and create a Tweet storm in the next election cycle with 116,000 “Iowans” all saying a particular candidate or initiative is the best thing in the world.

The need for an application that will defeat bots is triggered by the technology’s ability to scale out — undetected. People such as Elon Musk are talking about the potential evils of AI. The present evil of AI is that technology has progressed to the point where it will do a pretty good job — particularly in a 288 character limit — of looking an awful lot like a human.

That ability will eventually become perfect. Once it’s perfect, you can’t tell the difference between a human and a computer. But we can.

Intensity Analytics has the ability to look at freeform text, such as a Facebook post or email, and identify if it was typed by a bot, or not.

Intensity Analytics can do that because of the unique capabilities of KeyID. Among the special capabilities of KeyID is the ability to notice metronomic typing. An automatic system tends to type in a certain automatic cadence. People don’t type like that. We all have subtle hallmarks — a character group, IN, TH, GO, etc. — that we typically type either coherently or repeatedly randomly.

A bot wouldn’t know how to replicate that behavior because it wouldn’t know how somebody types.

In order to be insulated against a bot, an end-user would have to do two things: 1) Create a sample of what IA can expect 2) send IA what you want to publish.

On Twitter or Facebook, somebody posts and article and you never know if it was from a real person if it was assembled automatically. People really suffer from situations where they don’t know the difference between a real person and an automated process.

If you require the entry to be a text entry, not just something you click on, IA can differentiate between humans and bots because of the differences between human behavior and the automatic process.

Machines are characteristic of being machines the way people are characteristic of being people. We can recognize the characteristics of a machine as a general class of typing submissions.

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