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Cost Allocation with Intensity
It was hard enough to allocate computing costs pre-Intensity Analytics - workers spent an indeterminate amount of time on computing tasks, and this represented an opaque amount of software and other IT costs.

With our featherlite app for Windows computers you can track the use of programs, machines and staff. Installed on PCs and laptops, the TickStream® app faithfully sends encoded (READ: AES256 encryption) information about resource utilization to a central reporting server. There, widespread operational data is consolidated into actionable insight.

Interested in allocating costs based on relative consumption? Wanting to optimize your investment in IT infrastructure? Aiming to understand the knowledge worker labor cost pre- and post-cloud? Check into using Intensity. With a few clicks you place our app on 2-n Windows computers, and then sit back and watch the (revealing) web-based reports roll in.

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