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Getting RoI out of TCO
Here's a great post speaking to TCO - the Total Cost of Ownership of computers: Comparing and Selecting Solutions.

There are two major aspects to the cost of computing once the Windows PC or laptop is purchased - labor, and software/SaaS/database spend. Examples: Software is Oracle CRM or Microsoft Word (networked or local). SaaS is, emblematically, And paid databases are Lexis-Nexis and the like.

Quick math can yield a sense of the RoI that can come from implementing the desktop analytics solution that is TickStream®.

Say you pay the average computer worker $4K/month. And say your spend on software/SaaS/databases per computer is the typical $300/month.

If TickStream® gets you a 10% productivity gain, that's $400 per month per employee (10% of $4,000). And if TickStream® helps you identify over-licensing on software/SaaS/databases to the tune of 20%, that's another $60/month (20% of $300), for a grand total of $460 per employee per month.

So you have just 100 employees? This is a positive effect of $46K per month, or $552K. Hello, half a million dollars per year.

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