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What's a cohort?

  1. an ancient Roman military unit of 300-600 men, constituting one tenth of a legion
  2. a band of soldiers
  3. any group or band
  4. an associate, colleague, or supporter: one of the mayor's cohorts
  5. a conspirator or accomplice
  6. a subgroup sharing a common factor in a statistical survey, as age or income level.
The predominant activity of our era, of course, is computer use.

And Intensity Analytics has a featherlite desktop app called TickStream® that accumulates data on Windows computers without human effort. Then, as instrumented in a secure web or Excel 2010 dashboard or rolled up to an IT Systems Management platform, it serves Enterprises as they seek to optimize labor and reduce software/SaaS spend. And it serves Market Researchers as they aim to understand computing behavior.

Groups of users in our world are called Cohorts. Admins see reporting on a set of like users: their Cohort. A Cohorts could be the Inside Sales Team at Acme Corporation, or a targeted set of users for Market Research such as Males / 40-49 years old for say a large insurer.

Once you enable a Cohort - that is, have each user download the TickStream® app or push it to their desktop via IT infrastructure in an enterprise - you're a couple clicks away from then seeing snappy Cohort reporting, both real-time and historical.

You can add/delete Cohort members as needed. And we are enabling Cohort sizes of as few as 5-10 users, up to thousands of users, in the Enterprise & Market Research realms.

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