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Snacking vs. Dining
Intensity Analytics has a featherlite app called TickStream® that tracks the totality of usage on Windows computers, on- and off-web. The app never sees what users type; we do no keystroke logging. We do measure the intensity of mouse movement, touchscreeen activity and keyboard use, all per unit time.

As such, for 2-n computers, TickStream® helps market researchers address a not-small problem: Snacking or Dining?

Most software programs and SaaS platforms are designed for focused use with a focused duration measured in hours, what we call dining. But that's not the modern condition. We are seeing that users bounce around among multiple local software programs (and networked software, in the workplace) and websites. Even as I type this blog entry in Microsoft Word, I'm listening to iTunes while occasionally tweeting @tickstream and peering into our account.

Increasingly users are consuming software or websites snack-style, in short bursts measured in minutes, while multi-tasking with other computer diversions, be they work or non-work related.

You may know that Enterprises are using TickStream® to track what we call "Predominant Use." As in: We pay our Customer Service Reps to predominantly work (foreground activity) in Oracle CRM 9 am to 5 pm, Monday-Friday, with a break for lunch, and we get a web-based TickStream® report to "trust but verify."

The report has both real-time and historical data.

Similarly, software and SaaS makers are using Intensity to peer in on a sample set of users to see precisely how their platform is consumed by these users. Specifically, once they put the Intensity app on 2-n computers with user consent, we deliver a secure web-based report that shows precisely when their platform is consumed, for how long each time, and with what level of distractedness (i.e., simultaneous activity of other software or websites).

Contact us to begin learning just how your users consume your software or SaaS. The results will be a powerful guide to how you promote your offering, and develop future iterations.

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