Tickstream.CV is subscription software package that enables your system to know with confidence who is typing on a keyboard at any given moment. The software confirms identity throughout a user’s session by evaluating how they type to provide truly continuous authentication.

TickStream.CV’s starts recognizing an individual in as little as a few sentences of text, and continually improves its recognition engine to accurately spot transitions at a keyboard during a session or improper attributions. This is all done without asking the user to do anything more than they are already doing.

Tickstream.CV is ideal for distributed workplaces, zero-trust environments, remote development efforts, augmenting insider threat programs, anti-plagiarism, and attribution of content pushed to social media, wikis, websites, or other shared platforms.

  • No special hardware required
  • Available agentless as web service, integrated in existing local agent, or as a standalone agent on the user’s machine
  • Compatible with all current on-going authentication technologies
  • Standard reporting supports existing SIEM, SOAR, SSO, IDaaS, and CIAM solutions
  • Not based on “habit”, biometrics, tokens, or other common mechanisms that have proven vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated impersonation and attacks


TickStream.CV is available as a feature in certain other products, such as Forcepoint® Insider Threat, our own TickStream.Activity agent software, or directly through our standard REST API or deployable DLL. It takes as few as just three lines of code to add TickStream.CV to a typical web page or desktop application.

TickStream® reconnects people to their digital identity. For attribution, from authentication at login, to the work they do everyday, TickStream offers a frictionless solution to know who is using a device.

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