The core team that founded Intensity Analytics have been working together for more than 25 years, building a series of successful businesses, employing thousands of people, and developing key technologies for the secure management of information and critical systems. We've been called upon in times of national crisis to provide no-bid critical services to all three branches of the Federal government, and we have held many contracts with the Fortune 500, major computer industry companies, financial organizations, and many other entities that have sought our team. We have a history of building the right products for the right times. We have founded two major industries and built one of the best-selling large-scale Content Management software tools in the world. Along with our colleagues, we bring deep experience and training to solving the most complex challenges in cybersecurity.

John D. Rome, CEO, Chairman, & Co-Founder

Founder, software architect, and technology inventor. After passing the Minnesota Bar decades ago, John sidestepped the practice of law in favor of staying with software development, his lifelong passion. Instead of trying cases, he developed large-scale computer programs to automate virtually every facet of the practice of law and several other industries. Along the way, he launched five innovative businesses, descendants of which endure today. A veteran entrepreneur, his professional happiness comes from creating high-tech jobs, not to mention entire industry segments. Fluent in Microsoft technologies, when not creating new uses for automation helpful to the non-tech world, John spends time developing spherical trigonometric algorithms, furthering his interest in astronomy while creatively solving several challenges in Machine Learning code. His current focus is on AI, Artificial Intelligence, a technology that has long been embedded in our company’s products, but which now calls for additional security as well as methodologies to confirm authorship. On the personal side, he plays guitar and sang regularly with Bethann at the Warrenton Presbyterian Church before moving to Colorado to be with the families of the four children and 15 grandkids.

Tom Ketcham, President, CIO, & Co-Founder

Founder, world-class technologist, and inventor. Tom has been a serial entrepreneur for more than twenty years, helping manage and guide businesses from the start-up phase to over 500 employees. As Systems Engineering undergraduate at George Mason University, he co-founded a GIS/urban-planning laboratory that led to his first commercial venture. He was among the early pioneers on the web in 1993, and has designed countless solutions which have ranged from novel data capture routines and visualization components, to half-million line technology suites forming the basis for high-end, critical information management solutions, to patent-pending behavioral analytics platforms. He is a noted inventor of many key software technologies now found in the offerings of companies like Fujitsu, EMC, and others. Tom has consulted with entities like Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Capital One, IHS Global Insight, the US House of Representatives, and the US Navy, in areas such as orchestrating the flow and security of information through state-of-the-art systems, many of which he created. He is an accomplished speaker, published photographer, a doting father of four, an active member at Warrenton Presbyterian Church and volunteer with a variety of community organizations.

Bethann Rome, Vice President, Business Intelligence & Co-Founder

Founder, process architect and former opera singer. An unlikely career path? The common element among these is the ability to recognize, visualize and manipulate patterns.

Bethann applied those skills to the challenges of creating efficient, reliable processes to manage the analog-to-digital conversion of large collections of information which was essential to move business into the Automation Age. One of her notable inventions was the use of OCR to identify and route the management of documents through a processing line bason on their content, rather than in the order in which they were found in the file. The result was that every operator did not have to be trained to analyze every type of document – they could specialize, thus improving the speed and quality of the effort overall. Following her pioneering work in the development of the automated information processing pipeline, she recognized that the creation of an electronic document repository relieved the constraints inherent in having an entire workforce in one place at the same time, thus establishing a foundation for the "Telework" or "Work From Home" trend. Most recently, Bethann and her co-founders developed a patented approach to enabling an AI/ML system to recognize the distinct traits of individuals by observing the way they type. When not working on solving business problems such as uniformity of product (quality control), achieving a predictable production/delivery rate and keeping employers and employees on the same page when they are not in the same place, Bethann sews dresses for underprivileged girls in Haiti – hundreds of them.

Mackenzie Fribance, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Mackenzie is widely-recognized for his career-long success helping clients reduce the cost and risk associated with securing and protecting their information. Most recently, he was a Vice-President for information management giant Iron Mountain. While at Iron Mountain, Mackenzie led his region in sales, along with major initiatives in M&A, Growth, Safety, Organizational Development, Employee Engagement and Community Involvement. Prior to joining Iron Mountain, Mackenzie was COO of a privately held national transportation and logistics firm with a similarly impressive track record of accomplishment. He holds a bachelor’s degree from University of British Columbia, lives in Broomfield, CO and can be found after hours coaching soccer, skiing, golfing, hiking and enjoying Colorado with family and friends.

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