Authenticating identity is one of the most important challenges facing IT professionals. It’s all about TRUST. Authentication is difficult because we are asking a machine to trust in your identity. When you think about your personal relationships, you don’t authorize someone to do something – you trust them. Trust is established through behavior. You earn it. TickStream.KeyID applies patented machine learning algorithms to your behavior to establish trust in your identity.

It’s more than just adaptive authentication, where calculations are generally made by layering a bunch of weak signals (and many solutions are trying to add more). When you keep adding all kinds of weak signals to establish a trusted identity, you create a hot mess. Instead of applying machine learning to weak signals, TickStream.KeyID applies it to the foundation of all trusted relationships – our physical behavior. By this, we do not mean habits, which infer a result. We mean actual physical muscle movement, which is so unique to you, it is as effective as fingerprints are in establishing trust in your identity.

Unlike fingerprints, however, we do not capture any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). In fact, we do not even capture the text – only the behavioral effort metrics are required for TickStream.KeyID’s Artificial Intelligence engine to establish trust in you. TickStream.KeyID helps solve the authentication challenge without creating additional compliance or privacy issues.

Nor do we require any additional hardware. Because your behavior establishes your trusted identity, you do not need a token, mobile device or other hardware. There is nothing to lose, nothing to be stolen.

Since TickStream.KeyID is performing analysis on your behavior, there is nothing more for you to do. It is a frictionless additional factor you will love. And because your unique behavior sufficiently establishes your trusted identity, password complexity, password rotation and all the friction we have created to make the password more effective (the reason we hate passwords) will become a distant memory from the past. And in the future, TickStream.KeyID’s Artificial Intelligence engine will have the ability to help your organization eliminate passwords altogether.


TickStream.KeyID can be deployed in virtually any environment. It is easily integrated with existing IAM and IDaaS cloud identity management solutions, and there are many pre-built configurations for common platforms and technologies.

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Independently Tested and Validated

To validate the performance and reliability of our patented algorithm, we approached two of the most respected researchers in the field: Dr. Donald Gantz, Emeritus Professor, Founding Chair of the Department of Applied Information Technology, and past Dean of the Volgenau School of Engineering at George Mason University, and Dr. John Miller, a well-published and world-reknown expert on biometric statistical analysis, and Professor of Applied Engineering and Statistics at George Mason University. They designed an independent study, and the results were outstanding, even when applied to just a single field (password). The full study can be downloaded by clicking here.


Password field only
97.97% rejection
of the bad guys

Password & Username
99.77% rejection
of the bad guys

Password, Username
& Passphrase
99.99% rejection
of the bad guys

TickStream® is easy to deploy – it’s as simple as a two-minute software installation or the addition of a few lines of HTML code on your login page. There is no special hardware. Users self-enroll. It is frictionless in everyday use. Welcome to the new thinking in security, where the machine does the work, instead of you.