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Protecting PII is not just about compliance, it’s good business. The costs of a breach are rising and education is a critical component in identity fraud. Secure logins with a behavioral MFA that does not require any special hardware, training or additional devices with TickStream.KeyID. Authenticate a user’s actions after login, to validate the author in distant or e-learning course offerings, by continuing to authenticate users beyond the login impervious to the user as they work, with TickStream.CV.

Keyboard-sharing and credentials-sharing are serious issues, especially with respect to e-learning. Once login has happened, until now we have had no reliable way to detect if the operator of a PC has changed. The only cross-app hardware that is universally in-place, and found to be reliably useful, is the keyboard. TickStream.CV is a technology that compares samples of randomly typed text and can validate that the student is the author of a document, providing an audit trail of user activity, enhancing integrity in e-learning.
A recent study by two psychology professors from the University of Ohio at Zanesville found that 72 % of students taking online courses admitted cheating on their tests.
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TickStream® is easy to deploy – it’s as simple as a two-minute software installation or the addition of a few lines of HTML code on your login page. There is no special hardware. Users self-enroll. It is frictionless in everyday use. Welcome to the new thinking in security, where the machine does the work, instead of you.