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Protecting customer cardholder data and banking information to maintain PCI compliance is critical to your business operations.

Secure logins with a behavioral MFA that does not require any special hardware, training or additional devices with TickStream.KeyID, for PCI DSS 8.3 compliance. Use this same technology to secure your endpoints and VPN to achieve PCS DSS 1.0 compliance.

Track and report on access and activity of each machine to demonstrate PCI DSS 10-10.3 compliance with TickStream.Activity.

Retail is a fast pace environment – don’t let additional steps, hardware or user requirements get in the way of enabling your staff to deliver a superior customer experience – let your employees be themselves and focus on the customer while their natural behavior will also authenticate them as the correct user. Happy employees mean happy customers.
According to a recent IBM white paper, data breaches significantly impact consumer confidence. In the case of one major breach, for example, the company saw a 46 percent drop in profit the quarter after the breach occurred.
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TickStream® is easy to deploy – it’s as simple as a two-minute software installation or the addition of a few lines of HTML code on your login page. There is no special hardware. Users self-enroll. It is frictionless in everyday use. Welcome to the new thinking in security, where the machine does the work, instead of you.