Solutions for Telework & Remote Workers

Working from home or in the field can be a clear benefit to valuable employees. At the same time, it poses serious security and privacy risks. The challenge is more than simply securing the connection between the home environment and the office – a problem that is easily addressed by the use of VPNs, using good wireless security, and changing the default password on the router.

The question is who is using the computer.

Balancing security and privacy is essential.

Keyboard-sharing and credentials-sharing are serious issues in many business contexts. Once login has happened, until now organizations have had no reliable way to detect if the operator of a PC has changed. The only cross-app hardware that is universally in-place, and found to be reliably useful, is the keyboard. TickStream.CV is a technology that compares two samples of randomly typed text and evaluates whether or not the same person typed them.

Normal typing produces a string of characters or content. What the act of typing also does, unknown and unobtrusive to users, is to make available a large number of metrics about how and when the typing occurred. The descriptive metrics which TickStream.CV analyzes contain no content, only patterns and timing data, sufficient to validate identity.
According to the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report, 89% of global respondents felt that their organization was now more at risk from an insider attack; 34% felt very or extremely vulnerable.
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TickStream® is easy to deploy – it’s as simple as a two-minute software installation or the addition of a few lines of HTML code on your login page. There is no special hardware. Users self-enroll. It is frictionless in everyday use. Welcome to the new thinking in security, where the machine does the work, instead of you.